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What does Ray really want?

That question was the driving force for TD&A’s Gilbert R. Trout when crafting his game plan for the sale of Ray Lee’s 16,600-square-foot 7103 Milford Industrial Road property in Pikesville, Md.… and for Trout that meant more than just analyzing dollars and cents.

“In investment sales, the agent can’t be only concerned with numbers,” Trout said. “You have to understand that the deal can have huge personal ramifications on the client; you’re dealing with your client’s income stream, a retirement fund or a family trust, and by your actions, you become a partner in trying to fulfill your client’s personal financial goals and dreams.

“The same principles applied when working with Ray,” Trout said. “It wasn’t just about getting him the biggest number possible; it was about being Lee’s advocate and finding the qualities he most desired in a buyer, not just ‘flash in the pan.’”

However, finding the perfect combination between the seller’s desires and potential buyers’ needs and capabilities wasn’t the simplest of tasks. Despite the space being a rare gem in Pikesville and speaking to quite a few interested parties, nothing seemed to click.

“Each offering came with its own set of complex tax ramifications,” Trout said.

“It was like comparing apples to oranges to watermelons; a simple, clear cut decision wasn’t possible.”

Using equal parts finesse and luck, Trout was eventually able to procure an interested party that provided the level of financial security and level of personal comfort Lee was seeking.

“[The buyer] Steve Weintraub is someone I have worked with frequently in the past, and as a result we already had a strong rapport established prior to his interest in Lee’s Milford Industrial property,” Trout said. “I felt Weintraub would be an excellent fit for Lee’s needs because, above all else, he cares about the neighborhood and really wants to customize Milford Industrial to the uses of the community.”

“Our goal is to revitalize this corridor of the industrial park,” Weintraub said. “There is no real good, modern industrial space in the Pikesville area. We are excited to be taking the building and completely renovating it.”

With the sale complete, Trout is gearing up to find the right tenants to occupy the new and improved 7103 Milford Industrial Road.

“Weintraub has really established himself as a major player in the urban renaissance sweeping Pikesville,” Trout said. “It’s an exciting process to be a part of and I look forward to seeing how the corridor continues to develop as we begin leasing.”

To read client testimonials regarding the sale of 7103 Milford Industrial, view the press release

For more information regarding this sale or to speak to Gilbert R. Trout, click here.

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