What’s in a Vendor Contract?

Established contracts with various vendors are a necessity for any commercial property; every landlord will rely on a third party to perform one service or another, often on a regular basis. While a handshake agreement between parties would be more personal, a signed...

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5 Common CRE Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Volatile, unpredictable and sullen ... perhaps this is how your parents described you as a teenager, but these words should never be used to describe an investor post-transaction. So, here are a few of the obvious – but curiously common – mistakes that investors need...

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Stay on Top of Your Property’s Roof

With the roof of your commercial property out of sight, it has the tendency to become out of mind, but only when it’s doing what it’s supposed to – keeping the elements out. If your roof is not doing its job, it’s sure to be the only thing you and your tenants can...

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Retail Thrives Where E-Commerce Can’t

In the last decade, the incredible growth of e-commerce has damaged the stability of brick and mortar retail, even appearing to threaten its very existence. The rise of online shopping has unquestionably impacted physical stores, but it hasn’t extinguished their...

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National Chains’ Loss Are Local Companies’ Gain

These are confusing times for shopping centers. With national brands wavering and so many big box stores closing up shop, the future of retail is unclear.While some see the signs pointing to permanently empty storefronts, we’re seeing more possibility and opportunity...

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