Breathing new life into warehouses, industrial buildings, and factories has become a popular trend for various industries. For example, old armory buildings and churches have been turned into breweries, restaurants, retail stores, and more. Take the Ministry of Brewing in Baltimore, for example. This company saw an abandoned church and decided to redesign an overlooked piece of real estate into a now thriving brewery. 

Not only are these spaces great for accommodating businesses of all kinds, but they also bring a historical aesthetic to the space. Many consumers are drawn to the “upcycling” feel of these buildings, which can give your business a boost and help you establish a culture. 

Industrial spaces are in continuous demand. Below are some ideas to utilize a building by turning them into offices, retail spaces, and more. 


Create a Unique Design for the Building


Once you secure your space, you’ll have to figure out the floorplan for the business. Old buildings tend to have their quirks, so you’ll want to be sure that everything is up to code and working properly. For example, making sure the building has multiple exits, an accessible handicap ramp, an elevator are all things to consider while planning

buildingYou may also want to do something different with the layout than you have in other spaces. Consider surprising your customers, clients, or guests by flipping the way you would normally design the space or taking on a slightly different aesthetic for your brand. 

Incorporate period-true pieces and see if you can source anything from the original building or warehouse to maintain the character.

Be Sure to Stand Out


Retired buildings and large spaces are often broken down into smaller spaces and then leased out to several businesses. If all of the businesses just have little signs, your business may be overlooked. Add a distinguishable sign or entryway so that your customers know where to find you. 

Fill the Space


Old factories and warehouses tend to have high ceilings, brick walls, and a lot of floor space. If you’re not sure what to do with all of the extra room, consider a creative room divider or placing furniture in a way that helps direct the flow of the room. Most factories’ eclectic and industrial feel allows for a business to design in any way they want.

Another factor to consider is the acoustics of the room. Because these spaces tend to have very high ceilings, you’ll have to be careful about how the sound travels.

By using furniture, products, and other design elements, space can be dramatically transformed into something that appears to be brand new. 

Design the Interior & Choose A Theme


 Once you know where everything will go in your new office space, then it is time to start designing the interior. If your company or business already has a strong brand identity, then deciding on a theme should be a walk in the park. Using colors, fonts, furniture, and other elements, the “feel” of your business can be transferred into your business space.

 If you’re looking for something new and different for your retail store, restaurant, or office, a warehouse space may be just the change of pace you need.


Trout Daniel & Associates can help you find the perfect space. As a full-service commercial real estate brokerage serving businesses throughout the mid-Atlantic and beyond, we have extensive experience working with clients looking for unique and fun spaces.

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