Investing in Retail in the Age of eCommerce

When it comes to retail, most investors rely on a classic and relatively simple matrix to determine if an asset is a sound investment. You plug in the sales figures, measure business stability, look at the lease rate and lease term, see who’s guaranteeing the lease,...

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How Residential is Revamping Retail

New mixed-use developments are thriving throughout the country. The reason is simple: people want convenience close to home. But this new trend is not just advantageous to the lifestyle of everyday Americas. It’s a huge opportunity for the savvy retailer.There’s no...

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The Benefit of Keeping Common Area Costs in Check

If common area costs don’t make your list of top rental property concerns, you’re not alone. Many landlords and management companies don’t see the need to keep these costs in check. They also don’t look past the capital cost burden of common area improvements. Here’s...

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