Parking Lots Matter More Than You Think

by | Jun 12, 2019

How well a parking lot is designed doesn’t get the headlines. But as all commercial owners know, it’s both an important, and underappreciated aspect of their development.

Retail, office, industrial and residential – there’s a parking lot on every type of property. It’s the first thing people see when they drive by and certainly the first thing they feel when they drive in. The condition of the parking lot will speak volumes about your property and the businesses housed there.

To make a good first impression, and make it last, maintenance is key.

Keeping Up with the Upkeep

Maintaining a safe and presentable parking lot is not difficult. Like the cars that use it, a lot requires regular – often minor – fixes to keep the whole thing running smoothly over the course of many years.

Good maintenance can be as simple as re-striping the parking lines, an easy way to ensure calm traffic flow and parking, and an orderly appearance.

Potholes, sunken spots and pavement cracking are all easily repaired. By fixing these few areas now, you’re ensuring that visitors can park without damage to their vehicle and walk without tripping over damaged asphalt. Sealcoating, while a temporary way of improving the appearance of your lot, does not address structural problems and is not a lasting repair.

An Eye on the Seasons

When storm season comes you must take careful notice of where rain, and even your neighbor’s run-off, is streaming. A small stream of water is a powerful way to wash out an aggregate base, producing sinkholes and cracking that you’ll need to mend in the summer’s heat.

It’s common knowledge that asphalt must be laid in the warmer months, but what’s happening in the winter? Fewer people know how to properly treat their lots when snow and ice come around. For instance, salt will ruin concrete – yet even some snow removal contractors make this mistake. Making sure the right snow and ice removal product is used can mean avoiding major repairs or replacement later. 

Why Maintenance Is Worth It

If a parking lot is left to deteriorate, you can be sure of it coming back to bite you at great expense. While your regular upkeep costs are spread amongst the tenants through common area maintenance, a parking lot redo falls to the owner as a capital cost.

The price of overhauling a neglected lot, laying down new aggregate and pavement can easily begin in the six figures.

Routine maintenance helps you avoid the massive, capital expense of replacing the whole lot.

A Space for Management

Trout Daniel & Associates understands the value of your property. We work with you to preserve the integrity and appearance of your lot while achieving your best, long-term bottom line.

We are happy to review with you to see how we can help you with parking lot management!

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