Southern Streams Health & Wellness Center To Be Constructed

Jun 30, 2019

Baltimore, Maryland: The Mary Harvin Transformation Center Community Development Corporation (CDC) and TD&A (Trout Daniel and Associates) are excited to announce the Southern Streams Health and Wellness Center, a 120,000 sq. ft. project to be constructed at 1501 N. Chester Street, in the heart of Broadway East. Southern Streams is the third development project sponsored by Southern Baptist Church and the CDC.

“We are excited to launch the development of our third project to spur revitalization in this East Baltimore community. This project will continue to provide hope by expanding access to health and wellness services through a partnership with Johns Hopkins Health Systems”, said Bishop Donte Hickman, lead Pastor of Southern Baptist Church and president of the CDC. Johns Hopkins has executed a lease and will occupy approximately 22,000 square feet of space in the building and provide health services to the residents of East Baltimore.

The Southern Streams Health and Wellness Center is the next stage in the implementation of a broad master plan–the East Baltimore Revitalization Plan (EBRP). Bishop Hickman led the planning efforts along with community members and several local churches. The EBRP was adopted by the City of Baltimore in September 2018 The Plan, when fully implemented, will lead to major revitalization in the Broadway East community and hundreds of millions of dollars in private investment. The CDC expects to break ground in December on a family apartment building as part of the master plan.

The Southern Streams Health and Wellness Center, will include 120,000 Gross Square feet with 125 car parking garage. It will serve as a beacon of hope due to its natural topography perched up on a hill, drawing residents from the immediate community and from all around East Baltimore. The goal of Southern Streams is to offer a holistic health and wellness amenity in the community and SBC expects to achieve this by partnering with Johns Hopkins Health Systems and attracting other complimentary uses.

“We expect to break ground in late 2019 and deliver the shell building to tenants in early 2021” said Bishop Hickman. “Health and wellness includes many things—health care, healthy eating, financial health, and education. Our goal is to provide all of that in this dynamic building. When we presented the building to UDAAP recently, the panel said that ‘this building creates neighborhood pride’ and ‘it raises expectations for the entire area.’ We could not agree more. For too long this important and historic neighborhood has been ignored. Southern Streams will announce the re-emergence of east Baltimore” stated Bishop Hickman.

The CDC has hired TD&A to identify prospective tenants for approximately 45,000 square feet of leasable space, providing associated and complimentary health and wellness services including physical therapy, vision, pharmacy care, occupational therapy, dental health, counselling and more. The goal is to foster a holistic environment with the appropriate co-tenants, supporting comprehensive health and wellness. “We are thrilled to work with Bishop Hickman and the Southern Baptist Church to secure compatible uses that are sorely needed in order to make a positive impact in this community”, according to Steven Cornblatt of TD&A. Trout Daniel and Associates, (TD&A), is one of the region’s oldest and most successful commercial real estate companies. TD&A will use its 50 years of experience to identify tenants for this new and exciting project in the Broadway East community of East Baltimore.

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