Stay on Top of Your Property’s Roof

by | Aug 7, 2019

With the roof of your commercial property out of sight, it has the tendency to become out of mind, but only when it’s doing what it’s supposed to – keeping the elements out. If your roof is not doing its job, it’s sure to be the only thing you and your tenants can think about.

A successful property requires a healthy roof 24/7. That requires proper maintenance and strategic planning for your future replacement.

The Front Line of Business

The roof completes your commercial building; could you imagine any business without one? It’s the barrier that takes the brunt of the weather and conditions. The surface of a roof is consistently exposed to fluctuation between the hottest and coldest temperatures throughout the year, the wind, rain and snow, and falling debris from storms.

Despite all of this, a roof typically lasts 15 – 20 years and some perform for years longer. While a good roof delivers a high level of trust and protection, any roof with problems is a quick way to deliver disruption to your tenant relationship.

To keep your tenants happy and protect the standing of your commercial property, you must maintain a reliable roof.

Water Never Lies

While regular inspections are a great way of estimating the remaining life of your roof, there’s only so much they can do to prevent leaks before they occur.

Weather and storms do damage roofs, but they’re not the primary cause of leaks. In most cases, damage comes from unnoticed punctures. Nails and screws pressed into the roof by contractors’ feet are a frequent opportunity for water to get in.

The only “good” thing about a leaking roof is that it reveals the damage on the very first rain. When water comes in, it leaves little room for guessing; you’ve got a leak and can roughly identify where.

As soon as you’re sure the roof has a leak, it’s time to call for repair. The only trouble is the roof can’t be patched immediately. The repair may be simple, but the roof will need to be dry before work can begin. Though an inconvenience, keeping up with repairs is your best defense against an early replacement.

Every Roof Has Its Time

Sooner or later, your roof will come to the end of its life. Budgeting for incremental repairs is a sound strategy from year-to-year, but a tipping point will come when it makes more sense to put on a new roof.

Choosing the correct contractor is a crucial decision and may very well not be the same choice you’ve trusted for small patches and repairs. With such an incredible expense of replacing your roof, it pays to make sure you’re putting the best team on a project of this scale.

Historically, roofs have been a capital expense, paid for by the property owner. You can’t navigate around this custom, but you can plan for its eventuality. Your best bet is to start a savings plan long before replacement time comes.

Planning for a Rainy Day

Management’s role is to work around the life of your rooftop, preserving the current roof while making strategic plans to best address the necessary funds, choice of contractor and timeline of the eventual replacement.

Trout Management serves the property owner’s interests, protecting your asset from all conditions.

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